Network Infrastructure Solutions

Snetel Technologies offers consulting, software sales, and support for your business. Whether you are building a network from scratch or upgrading your existing infrastructure we can provide the project planning, costs, sales, and installation of your network. We offer the same expertise, professionalism, and cost effective solutions for our small business clients as we do for the large clients. Your satisfaction and valued partnership is the key to our business.

Snetel  provides end to end IT Infrastructure Management services in the areas like Remote Infrastructure Management, Infrastructure Consulting, System Integration, Hosting services, IT help desk services, Data center services, Managed security services, Managed storage services and Desktop management. Infrastructure plays a critical role in business transformation. It enables everything else: applications, processes, operating models, enterprises and extended enterprises. The IT infrastructure of an organization is the framework that supports its business. Without it, applications cannot run, calls cannot be made and businesses cannot function. Infrastructure management services enable our clients to utilize services of subject matter experts, offering access to niche skills. Snetel’s infrastructure services is focused on addressing the growing demand for the cost-effective management of technology infrastructure across geographically dispersed locations. With a mission to develop innovative solutions for enterprises worldwide, the company pioneered a unique model for “Remote IT Infrastructure Management” that enables customer organizations to achieve superior infrastructure performance and significantly reduced costs.

Client Benefits:

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Service level improvements
  • Improved Revenue Growth
  • Greater Agility towards Operations and Management


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