Make use of high-performance computer technology for your system and benefit from the numerous advantages offered. Together with the right software, industrial PCs are efficient and versatile solutions for controlling, operating, and monitoring systems and machines.

Snetel’s Mini Motherboards & Barebone System are smaller mini enclosure, includes a variety of I/O and low power features. Compact and thin design, ideal for universal application as slim panel PC, signage box, vending machines, small POS systems, and portable medical devices.


High system availability, thanks to fan less design suitable for industrial applications and the absence of moving parts

Intel Embedded Roadmap components enables the device for Long-term availability

Large-scale compatibility, has been facilitated with open IT standards and numerous interfaces

Easy to maintain, and easily accessible components.

Individualized solutions, thanks to customer-specific adaptations to hardware and software

Processor performance suited to the application: with energy-efficient Intel® Core™ i7, Intel® Core™2 Duo or Intel® Atom™ processors

Operating systems for every application: Windows® 7 or 8, Windows Embedded Standard 7 or 8

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