Mini pc

Computing power continues to increase every year. While some computers use that power to its fullest, others are willing to let power plateau and instead reduce their size. Snetel’s compact desktop PCs are as quick as their full-sized brethren, and they take up less space.

Our compact computers are affordable and can serve as the cornerstone of a home office setup or even be conscripted into the role of home theater computer. There are, however, a few pricier models designed for enthusiasts. Snetel’s compact PC offers performance on par with traditional desktops while remaining slim.

1) Save 50% Hardware purchase Cost
2) Save 80% Maintenance Cost
3) Save 80% Energy Cost (15W – 25W) Consumption
4) All Aluminium without Fan and No Noise (0 db)
5) Supports 1080P Full HD and 3D Games
6) Supports 1000M Lan

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