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HKBAV AGM & Christmas Dinner Party

HKBAV Annual General Meeting and Christmas Dinner took place on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 – at Windsor Plaza Hotel


SNETEL  &  QUEEN Global Limited ( Hongkong) has signed an exclusive agreement with TOTO Link  to distribute its wireless products in India. Toto Link is a No 1 Korean brand for wireless and network devices. Mr. Surendher, Managing Director of Snetel Technologies (Vietnam) and Snetel & Queen Global Limited (Hongkong) and Mr. Cheong Dae Won, […]

CMS Deployment

SNETEL Technologies has signed a project to implement Container Management Software (CMS) for one of the container depot in Ho Chi Minh City.  The system enhances the communication between depot operators and transport operators. The system provides a visibility window allowing transport operators to plan their trips to collect or return containers. Container surveyors will also be […]

HKTDC ICT & Electronics Fair

HKTDC International ICT Expo 2018 The International ICT Expo is a professional trade fair organised by HKTDC for information, communications and technology companies to showcase their state-of-the-art software solutions and services. Director of SNETEL Technology visited this fair and had meeting with many suppliers. This fair provided more information on the latest developments in ICT […]


Greater Mekong Sub-region Business Summit The Director of Snetel technologies attended the GMS Business Summit on 30th March 2018 at Hanoi. Over the past years, countries in the Mekong sub region have made tremendous progress in social-economic development and international integration, contributed to the environment of peace, stability and prosperity in the region. The Summit […]

Video Conference

SNETEL carried out a Video Conferencing installation and configuration project for a UK based Fintech company in Saigon. The Video Conferencing device was connected to Cisco switch and SNETEL Engineers coordinated with the ISP and network engineers to get the CISCO Video Conferencing device configured. Post installation test calls were performed and found that there […]

Google Cloud Training

SNETEL Technologies participated in Google cloud training that was held at GEM Center, HCM, Vietnam on 6th March 2018. SNETEL will focus on providing solutions based on Google cloud platform . SNETEL will specifically focus on Google cloud’s VPC and Virtualization services. Training Venue : GEM Center, HCMC Date : 6th March 2018  

Networking Project

Snetel is executing a networking project for a branch office opened by a Multinational Company in Ho Chi Minh City. Scope of work includes LAN cabling, Firewall, switch, Wi-Fi and E-PBX installation and configuration. Location – Ho Chi Minh City Date – Feb  -2018

Charity Event

Snetel Technology has supported HKBAV to install 7 brand new Computers at Nhat Hong blind school , Ho chi Minh city, Vietnam. As requested by HKBAV, one PC was connected to Braille, a tactile writing system used by people who are visually impaired. It is traditionally written with embossed paper. Braille users can read computer screens […]

NComputing in Education

NComputing Virtual Desktops     The concept behind NComputing virtual desktops is simple: today’s PCs are so powerful that most people only use a small fraction of its power. Desktop virtualization enables a single PC to be “virtualized” (or shared) by many users – with each user getting his/her own computing session. Depending on the configuration, […]

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