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Cloud Computing Solution


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Network Monitoring Solution

Our  Network Monitoring Solution remotely monitors your network assets 24×7 and alerts us before things go wrong.


These solutions are based upon General Public License "GPL" as & wherever applicable.

Network Infrastructure Solutions

Whether you are building a network from scratch or upgrading your existing infrastructure we can provide the project planning, costs, sales, and installation of your network.

Web Designing & Development

At Snetel, we take pride in developing cost effective web sites that produce results for small businesses. With our extensive background and skilled professional,we exceed in our service levels by promoting firms of all sizes.

Snetel Technologies is a single source IT Partner, specializing in network service, support, installation and integration.We work directly with our clients to provide tailored solutions that make the best sense for their individual business needs.

Our design methodology always keeps the key factors of security, adaptability, and return on investment in mind to ensure our solutions are the best to meet your needs, and flexible enough to grow with your business.

Our mission is to find integrated solutions to meet your business needs, today and for the future, whether your Company is a large organization, or a small business.


Maintaining your network is a top priority for Snetel. Our customer support team operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to quickly repair any network breakdown and ensure minimal out-of-service periods, while our Experts team focuses on understanding every technological and technical aspect of your network, ensuring fast and accurate troubleshooting and recovery time.

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